Meet Your: Engagement Officer 2024 – Deepika Sharma

Hi, my name is Deepika, your Engagement Officer at QUT, here to make your university experience exhilarating and unforgettable!  

I am passionate about exploring new horizons and connecting with a diverse range of students. I settled here in Brisbane for a better quality of life and more access to the outdoors. I am an active university community member, and I strive to play various roles to enrich my university and academic experience and foster connections.  

As your Engagement Officer, I am committed to creating a stronger sense of community at QUT, prioritising supporting students in navigating their academic paths and fostering a sense of belonging within the inclusive campus community. 

My vision is to develop and implement initiatives that enhance student engagement and contribute to the overall well-being of the student body. I will be collaborating closely with faculties, clubs, and the university to ensure that every student feels welcomed and comfortable. I am determined to infuse fun back into campus life and the endless possibilities that come with it.  

I am inspired by the Guild’s effective initiatives to improve the lives of students at QUT, and I am eager to leverage this platform to benefit the student community.  

As I continue my learning journey in Australia, I invite you to share your ideas and creative thoughts, or we can have a chat about your pets!  

I’m always ready to listen to your ideas and desires. Whether you want to discuss your university journey or grab a coffee, I am available and eager to chat.  

Join me in crafting unforgettable memories, fostering connections, and embracing the spirit of QUT Guild! 

Connect with me at or drop by the Guild office in C Block, Kelvin Grove. 

QUT Student Guild
QUT Student Guild
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