“Lianne from Milwaukee” by Saarsha Lucas

This collection of amateur film photography takes me back to the brief but meaningful time I spent with my friend, Lianne, during her study abroad at QUT. We clicked instantly during Semester 2 Orientation Week 2023 and became fast friends. Looking back, I regret missing out on spending more time with her due to our busy uni schedules and work commitments. However, despite the distance, Lianne still manages to keep in touch. 

My time in university has brought about many feelings, and most prevalent is loneliness. Lianne came at a time where I felt as though friendships were fleeting and connections seemed harder to maintain. I am eternally grateful for her kindness, friendship and most importantly her sisterhood, which means so much to me. This album is a small gesture to cherish our friendship and the memories we created together.

Thanks for being my twin that actually decided to study architecture, and I’ll continue on my game development journey for your peace of mind as well!

Saarsha Lucas a game and software development student, in their final semester at QUT. They have always loved and appreciated architectural photography and architecture as a whole. Unfortunately, life always has a way of diverting us from our path, but thankfully, Saarsha can still express themselves through the little things.


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