#KillTheBill: Brisbane Protests the Religious Discrimination Bill

QUT students are joining the wider Brisbane community to take a stand against the Morrison government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and the wide-ranging effects it will have on many aspects of public life. The event is headed by QUT’s Liam Blair, alongside infamous “firebrand virgin” and UQ Senator Drew Pavlou, LGBTQIA+ activist and community organiser Johnny Valkyrie and fellow QUT student Dylan Hewitson-Bevis. Blair provides:

“We’ve already secured Brisbane City Councillor for The Gabba Jonathan Sri to speak, and we’re sourcing other speakers from the groups to whom this bill will impact the most, such as the queer community and those living with disabilities. We’re amazed at the response the Facebook event is getting. 6000 people going or interested after only a few days shows just how unpopular the bill is, plus the event has reached over 100,000 people. Incredible. We can’t wait to see people from all walks of life out on the day standing up for equality and the rights of those who are already marginalised.”

This follows a submission to the Attorney-General earlier this year by the Vice-Chancellor and President of QUT, Prof Margaret Sheil AO. The event is not affiliated with the university, but has the support of the QUT Queer Collective.

The protest will be held from noon on Saturday, January 18th at the Speaker’s Corner. Speakers are still being announced, and GLASS may update on any notable developments.

To get involved, follow the event on Facebook here.

Ashleigh North
Ashleigh North

Ashleigh is a QUT law and creative writing student and 2020 QUT News Editor. In 2020, she founded and curated the Uni Writers Fest as a Glass editor, in collaboration with UQ Pub Soc. You can find her trialling new recipes or procrastinating over a half-drunk cap.

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