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Just to Be Clear by QUT Glass
This is Glass’ very own podcast where we talk about everything QUT related, from interviews with alums to interesting things happening on campus. If there’s something that you think students need know about or that we should talk about on Just To Be Clear, let us know! The best place to start would be our recent two-part interview episode with Heartbreak High actor Thomas Weatherall, who tells Glass all about his experience at QUT and his new show ‘Blue’. 
Deviant Women by Lipp Media 
Lauren and Alicia, are two academics from Adelaide, and have four stunning seasons of episodes dedicated to different ‘deviant’ women from history, literature, contemporaneity, and mythology. The two women discuss the lives and the impacts of some of history’s most interesting women, and what exactly makes them ‘deviants’.

Sounds Like A Cult by Amanda Montell & Isa Medina 
Is the Royal Family a cult? Is the CIA? Amanda Montell (the author of Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism) and Isa Medina (comedian, writer and actor) investigate the modern day ‘cults’ that many of us are apart of. Academia, Burning Man and Disney Adults are just a few of the many ‘cults’ that the two delve into. 
Goes Without Saying by Sephy and Wing 
It’s young, it’s fun, it’s a little silly sometimes. Sephy and Wing are two young women living in the UK, who love talking about culture, relationships, self help and the tensions of your twenties. They describe their podcast as ‘sleepy, spicy, and occasionally insightful’.
Articles of Interest by Avery Trufelman 
‘Articles of Interest’ is simply a show about what we wear. Avery Trufelman gives listeners the history and explanations behind different articles of clothing, from pockets to blue jeans to Hawaiian shirts. Avery educates not only on the clothes, but also on the concepts behind them, such as modesty, capitalism, and nudity. 
Big Small Talk by MIK MADE
Hannah Ferguson and Sarah-Jane Adams want everyone to know that loving pop culture doesn’t mean you don’t understand politics. With episodes like ‘Weinstein, Drake vs Kendrick & Trump’, Big Small Talk gives you the rundown on everything current, from the important to the frivolous, weekly and in just under an hour. 

Good Sex Project by Stuff Audio and Popsock Media 
Hosted by Melody Thomas, the creator and host of award-winning sexuality podcast BANG!, The Good Sex Project is all about sex, relationships and how to have them. Melody guides and interviews New Zealanders of all ages and backgrounds about their sex lives, romance, and the wider societal impacts and contexts of their choices. 
7am by Schwartz Media 
Ruby Jones, an award winning investigative journalist and documentary host, is the host of Schwartz Media’s daily news podcast. The episodes address the world’s most newsworthy topics and how they affect Australia. Self described as ‘news with narrative’, and ‘smart, strong, and character driven’, this podcast is for the well-informed and the curious. 
Decoder Ring by Slate Podcasts 
Willa Paskin is a television critic for Slate Podcasts and host of Decoder Ring. In each episode, Willa addresses a cultural question, object or habit – why do so many coffee shops look the same? What’s really going on in a mosh pit? – and breaks down its history and the ‘why’ of it. 

The Left Right Game by QCODE
This is an immersive, science fiction story about a young journalist investigating a group of paranormal explorers and their latest obsession; the Left Right Game. This surround-sound podcast is best listened to alone and at night, so that you can’t tell whether every bump, whisper, and screech is real or not. QCODE strongly advises that you do not listen to this story when driving, which should tell you a thing or two about how real it sounds. Listen at your own risk. 
You’re Wrong About by Sarah Marshall 
From Chris McCandless to Lesbian Seagulls, Sarah Marshall is here to tell you the cold hard facts about some of society’s most misunderstood people, events and phenomenons from history and culture. 

Blatherskite by ScratchThat Magazine
Blatherskite is a podcast made by QUT students. Each episode is an independent creative work, made by QUT’s emerging artists. This semester has brought three new podcasts to Blatherskite; Business as Usual, City Chat and Opal Springs.

Jacinta Rossetto
Jacinta Rossetto

Jacinta Rossetto is a writer, artist and editor studying Creative Writing at QUT. Her passion project is a little something called Dawn Street Zine, a zine that she writes, designs, produces and scouts content for. Her favourite genres to write in are gothic fiction, literary fiction and romance fiction.

Articles: 21

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