Did you know these QUT rules?- Nikita Oliver

 By Nikita Oliver 

A brief look at the QUT Manual of Policies and Procedures. 

Do you know about the QUT MOPP? 

The Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) contains detailed information on the policy and procedures that govern how the University operates. Most importantly for students, the MOPP details what rights you are entitled too. 

The MOPP covers a lot but not everything directly affects you as a student so this is a quick description of some important points for you. 


You can’t help your mate out by sending them your old assignment.  

We know you have good intentions, and maybe your friend isn’t going to flat out plagiarise your work, but giving anyone access to your uni assignments is against the rules and considered “collusion”. 

The MOPP states that collusion is an act of academic misconduct and sharing your assignments with your peers to be an “an unauthorised collaboration”. This includes sharing completed assessment items or detailed examples of work relating to an assessment item.  

If your friend is struggling with an assessment, refer them to HiQ’s academic support services. 


Your Unit Co-Ordinator can’t give you a 5% assessment, or a 70% one! 

Nope, not even Mr “I have a PhD” has the power to make any of your assessments weigh a ridiculous amount.  

According to MOPP assessment items across all faculty’s must not exceed 60% of your total mark and weigh no less than 10%. 60% is also the highest percentage allowed for written exams. 

Keep in mind that this rule can, and has, been evaded by splitting assessments up into multiple items that are individually marked, with approval from the university. If this is the case, this must be communicated to students via Blackboard.   


If you think you’ve seen one of these rules breached and your grades may have been impacted, contact the Guild’s Student Rights VP or Student Assist staff members at the contact info below. 

To learn more about these rules, Google “QUT MOPP”. 

Student Assist 

GP: advocacy@qutguild.com
KG: kgadvocacy@qutguild.com 

Student Rights VP: studentrights@qutguild.com 

Nikita Oliver
Nikita Oliver
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