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A quick look at the QUT Manual of Policies and Procedures

Lectures MUST be recorded 

QUT policy “mandates that all lectures are recorded.” In no uncertain terms, if your lecturer doesn’t record lectures or they’re not available on blackboard, they’re breaking the rules. 

Unfortunately, the recording of other classes like workshops and tutorials isn’t required, though “should also be considered,” if those classes include core unit content. 

Should other types of classes be recorded as well? Some units don’t have lectures, so what if you can’t attend?  

These are valid questions, and students are encouraged to speak to their tutors or lecturers if they have any issues with recordings.  

Feedback MUST be given within 10 working days 

Assessment protocols at QUT state that feedback should be given within 10 working days after the due date.  

Students in first year units must be provided with feedback on at least one item of assessment before the date that students can withdraw without financial penalty. This means that students can receive feedback and affirm their interest in the unit before they’re set-in-stone to pay. 

For units other than first year, students must receive feedback for at least one assessment piece before the date that students can withdraw without academic penalty.   

Do you know about the QUT MOPP? 

The Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) contains detailed information on the policy and procedures that govern how the University operates. Most importantly for students, the MOPP details what rights you are entitled too. 

The MOPP covers a lot, and not everything directly affects you as a student. Unfortunately, awareness of these rules is quite low, so this is a quick description of some important points. 

If you think you’ve seen one of these rules breached, and your grades may have been impacted, contact the Guild’s Student Rights VP or Student Assist staff members at the contact info below. 

Student Assist 
GP: advocacy@qutguild.com
KG: kgadvocacy@qutguild.com 

QUT Guild Student Rights VP
Sarah McCutcheon: 

To read more about these rules and others you may not know about, you can find the QUT MOPP here.

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