Climate Justice has entered the chat- Nikita Oliver

A little rant about QUT’s new Environment Collective and their incredible work this year by Nikita Oliver

The QUT Environment Collective have planted some good bloody seeds in their first year of existence having started multiple initiatives to push for more sustainable practices by the university and improving students awareness of environmental issues.  

The Collective was first formed back in March by Guild environmental officers Ben English and Laura Harland whose first action was revamping the existing fruit and veg market into Eco Hub: a weekly market where students can purchase fresh produce and second-hand clothing for a few dollars. Students literally ate this shit up and the market continues to be popular.  

Later in May our climate warriors proposed a motion to the Guild to publicly support the now renowned School Strike for Climate movement which was passed unanimously. This was followed by the Collective organising a Uni Student Climate Election Rally, a peaceful protest that took place outside Parliament House, held two days before the Federal Election.   

Dozens of students and members of the community came together to support the groups first official action which involved covering the pavement outside parliament in chalk messages to politicians, chanting and speeches from active players in the climate justice movement including Michael Berkman, the Greens MP for Maiwar. The Collective and has since organised QUT contingents for all local Student Strike for Climate marches.  

The Collectives next big milestone was putting together five days of eco-themed events for QUT’s first ever Sustainability Week. It was a jam-packed week attended by hundreds with market days, educational workshops, giveaways and a Climate Action panel.  

The uni has needed a fresh breath of climate-justice-infused air and our Environment Officers and Collective have finally provided it this year. We’re stoked to see how much they’ve achieved so far and we can’t wait to see what new heights they’ll inevitably reach in the years to come.  

Check out QUT Guild Environment on Facebook for more info or their private group QUT Enviro Collective to get involved.  



Nikita Oliver
Nikita Oliver
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