Ben Steele: Candidate for Media Editor

Glass invited all candidates to submit a statement about why they’re running in the Guild elections and why you should vote for them. This statement is being published as received from the candidate.

Voting opens MONDAY 23rd OCTOBER 2023. You can read all candidate statements here.

My name is Ben Steele, and I’m running with the Peachy team in the Guild elections to be the 2024 editors of your student magazine, Glass.

Peachy is a team of five creative, experienced, and passionate Journalism and Creative Writing students who are excited and motivated to keep student media alive and kicking here at QUT.

You may know me as the fool who was screaming into the microphone at Battle of the Bands, or from reading my insights on AI and porn piracy in the pages of Glass.

I am a fifth-year Journalism and Law student. I love the creative communities we have here at QUT, and I love discovering new ones around every corner. I have come across so many talented and incredible peers in my studies and during my time at Glass, and I am really passionate about spreading the word of their amazing work!

I am one of the current Glass editors. I started at the end of 2022, and have since made it my mission to spread the word about the publication and the QUT Guild. During my term at Glass, I have redesigned the website, and written about the interesting and wacky things that happen here on campus.

I am someone with a million different jobs and projects going at the same time, and I still have a hunger to know and do more. I want to bring all this knowledge, creativity, and experience to Glass again for 2024!

I have amassed a range of experiences in media, both in and outside of my work at Glass. I’ve also worked in radio, print, broadcast, and digital media. My diverse experience and contacts have allowed me to bring new ideas and connections to Glass during the last year – and there is still so much more I can give.

As an editor, I have been responsible for web design, graphic design, and being a part of the team that brought you the Battle of the Bands.

I want to be a part of the Glass team and serve as a media editor again because there are many more things that I want to give QUT students. I know our team is best for the job because we have our finger on the pulse and know what students want.

What can you expect from me and the Peachy team in the future? If you elect us as media editors for 2024, we promise:

  • to continue producing honest and accurate reporting about your student union and your university,
  • continue to develop Glass’ digital presence to build a strong reputation in and out of the QUT community, and
  • to bring back Battle of the Bands for 2024!

Peachy is a team of students who understand journalism and who know what it takes to run a media outlet. We value accurate and fair reporting, and we believe that QUT students deserve honesty and transparency in their student media team. We care about the QUT community, and we will bring you a bloody good magazine!

If you care about those things too, then vote for me, Ben Steele, and the Peachy team in the upcoming Guild elections.

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