QUT Design Festival Showcase: A Fine Line

QUT Design Festival 2022 was a celebration of student creativity, featuring a dazzling array of students’ creative works from across the School of Design, ranging from fashion through to industrial design.

One such student was Claire Whiteford and her portfolio of fashion designs A Fine Line.

A Fine Line explores the balance between structure and fluidity, tidiness and mess in the context of both fashion and life. The collection draws particular inspiration from artist Brett Whiteley and his use of colour, line, and brush stroke. This collection and concept has evolved over the year as I have learned to embrace the beauty of my loose and fluid design practice. A Fine Line, is in some ways a metaphor for life and the beauty that can be found in imperfection.

– Claire Whiteford

Whiteford graduated a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in Semester 1 2023. As part of her practice she uses both her intuitive and acquired design skills to express her appreciation of the female form. She draws inspiration from the natural world as well as from contemporary art and design. Draping, smocking, cording, and refined tailoring techniques serve to enhance the overall tactile and visual experience of the both wearer and viewer

Ben Steele
Ben Steele
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