Semester one is (almost) over!

Winter has come and with it heralds the start of the ‘all my friends are in Europe and I’m not’ season. We get it, Glassies, us too. But fear not!

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of the winter break (and regroup before classes start back up again), there’s something in Mooloolaba you should add to your bucket list. No, we don’t mean taking a dip in the cold embrace of Australia’s winter ocean – it’s something you can do while staying dry and warm.

In south-east Queensland, winter = whale season. So if you’ve got a spare weekend, jump in the car and head to the coast to catch a glimpse of the humpback whale migration before it ends. Mooloolaba’s iconic Whale One, powered by Sunreef Mooloolaba, has been revitalised ahead of the new season so you can do just that.

Sunreef Mooloolaba Fleet Manager Bill Karranza said “if you’ve never seen a humpback whale in the wild it’s an amazing opportunity, they’re just so majestic.”

He said Sunreef Mooloolaba also offer a ‘Swim with the Whales’ experience. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can get the extraordinary experience of getting within metres of a humpback whale.

SO! In celebration of the semester being over (and to distract you from the social media feeds of your globe-trotting friends) Glass Magazine is excited to offer one of our readers a double pass to go whale watching on Sunreef Mooloolaba’s Whale One (valued at $150).

Pop your details into the entry form below to go in the draw!

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T&C: One entry per person. One winner will be drawn to receive a Sunreef Mooloolaba whale watching double pass valued at $150. Entries close midnight Friday 21st June 2019. For more information visit or call 1300 942 531.