Did you know these QUT rules?- Liam Blair

By Liam Blair 

Do you know about the QUT MOPP? 

The Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPP) contains detailed information on the policy and procedures that govern how the University operates. Most importantly for students, the MOPP details what rights you are entitled too. 

The MOPP covers a lot but not everything directly affects you as a student, so this is a quick description of some important points for you. 

You are entitled to have your grade reviewed. 

If you’re a little suspicious at a grade you receive, you can absolutely ask for it to be reviewed.  

First, begin an informal discussion with the unit coordinator. If they accept that the grade isn’t correct, they will begin a process that will alter your grade. 

If the unit coordinator doesn’t accept your case, you may apply for a school level review within 10 working days of the release of the final grade for the unit. This requires more documentation supporting your argument. 

Lastly, if you’re still hitting dead ends, you may apply for a faculty level review within five working days of notification of the school level review result. Unfortunately, this has even more documentation. However, the case will be seen by a committee not previously involved in the process, including one student representative, so you’re certain to receive fair treatment. 

This is all very complicated! If you’re eager to learn more about this process, type this into your browser: tinyurl.com/reviewgrade 

You can’t copy-paste your own assignments! Self-plagiarism is a thing. 

Students should tread very carefully when using their own work as inspiration for a new piece of assessment. It is technically possible to reuse your work, but you should always consult your unit coordinator and gain permission before going ahead. 

Here’s when you can reuse your work. Again, only with permission from your unit coordinator: 

  • It didn’t contribute to a grade anywhere 
  • It is not currently being assessed anywhere 
  • It was not from a group assignment 
  • It fits the purpose or objectives of this new assessment task 

If you think you’ve seen one of these rules breached and your grades may have been impacted, or you simply have an issue you need solved, contact QUT Guild’s Student Rights VP Sarah or Student Assist. 

To learn more about these rules, Google “QUT MOPP”. 

Student Assist 

GP: advocacy@qutguild.com
KG: kgadvocacy@qutguild.com 

Student Rights VP: studentrights@qutguild.com 

Liam Blair
Liam Blair
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