Club Connect: QUT Big Lift

Club Connect is a new Glass series, where we highlight some of the amazing Student Guild clubs we have right here on campus. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of university clubs and show you how you can make friends and network with likeminded people.

Tell us a bit about your club.  

QUT Big Lift is a club that focuses on providing needs-based volunteering to both the local Brisbane community and rural Queensland towns. Our club has been around since at least 2015 – to be honest, we don’t know when exactly it started. We have always done our signature weeklong trips out into the country twice a year.

To complement it, we do shorter weekend trips during the semester to volunteer at events like the Blackbutt Avocado Festival, the Goodnowindi Festival, and the Murphy’s Creek Chilli Festival. We also sprinkle in some social events throughout the year so our members to get to hang out. These events feel like school camps and have been fantastic at bringing people closer, and allowing anyone and everyone to be welcomed into both the rural communities and the Big Lift community!  

Can you share a memorable moment or event that the club has hosted or participated in? 

Twice a year we have our most memorable events, our Big Lifts! They are weeklong trips where we visit towns like Wandoan, Taroom, Chinchilla, Injune and more. These trips never fail to surprise our members as anything and everything can happen with many, many, MANY incredible memories being made during every single trip. There is never a dull moment! 

Give us one good reason students should join your club! 

Our club is fantastic for anyone who is looking to make some friends at uni or anyone who wants to explore Queensland in a way you otherwise might not be able to! Whether you’re a first-year student and don’t know anybody or you’re an international exchange student, you’re bound to connect with the people who come on our trips. Big Lift attracts friendly and kind people who will welcome anyone. Our trips are also a fantastic and low effort way to explore country towns in a safe way with a group, it’s almost like backpacking through the country!  

QUT Big Lift is a university club who aims to provide needs based volunteering to the Brisbane community as well as to other rural communities. We support schools, kindergartens, bowls clubs and local municipalities to get their odd jobs done such as gardening, sanding, painting, organising and the list goes on.  

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