The editors of Glass are elected executives of the QUT Guild. What does this mean?

The Student Guild is an elected group of students who represent the interests of the student community, like a union, and manage various aspects of student life. This includes the five editors of Glass. Each member of the QUT Guild executive is also paid a wage for their work, ranging from part-time hours for the Glass editors and the Vice Presidents, to full-time hours for the Treasurer, Secretary and President.

Some major Australian university student unions are structured very differently, sometimes being made up of “board members,” with a seperate representative council that looks like our Guild. A lot of other uni’s also have prestigious publications, like Semper Floreat at UQ, and Honi Soit at The University of Sydney.

These roles require a lot of work. Being paid for our work is great for us, but is something that should be open for debate. Since the positions are electable, there is little security in preventing the role from being abused, which is true for the entire Guild. This year, we’d love to talk about this more, as well as how setting certain rules can preserve this magazine in the future.

This really sets the tone for how we want to run the mag this year: transparently. We really want to create a climate of debate at QUT, and that starts with self reflection. Are we using funds efficiently? Are we adequately criticising the Guild, despite being elected on the same ticket? Is that a conflict of interest?

If you have any thoughts on these issues, please submit them in some form to the mag. If you have any questions regarding the QUT Guild or the magazine, chuck us a message on Facebook or email us at

We cannot wait to publish your work.