QLD Senate Candidates

There are 83 senators running this election. That’s a lot, so here’s some major party lead senate candidates.

Liberal National Party (LNP)

Paul Scarr


“His values have been shaped by his family: respect for others, personal integrity, a belief in hard work as well as in the importance of the great Australian sense of humour.

Paul has extensive experience with the resources sector, as Company Secretary and General Counsel of Pan Aust Limited.

Paul also has a strong commitment to community service. Paul is a member of the Sherwood Community Festival committee and has been recognised for his support of the Rwandan community of South East Queensland.”

Recent News:

The Daily Telegraph reported on the 1st of May that LNP’s 4th senate candidate Ian Macdonald encouraged his voters to back him over other LNP candidates.

“The LNP last year pushed Senator Macdonald from the top spot on the ticket and placed him below mining executive Paul Scarr, beef magnate Susan McDonald and accountant Gerard Rennick.

The Townsville based Senator, who was first elected in 1990, has prepared how to vote cards that direct people to ignore the LNP ticket and instead vote for him first below the line,” reported Steven Scott.

Australian Labor Party (ALP)

Nita Green


“Nita’s working life has been focused on fighting for fairness and equality. She was admitted as a solicitor in Queensland in 2015 and worked as an Employment Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, representing workers in sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal cases.

In 2017, Nita was the Queensland Field Director for the successful Equality Campaign and currently works as an organiser for the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union fighting for the rights of Queensland workers.”

The Australian Greens

Larissa Waters


“Before entering the Senate, Larissa worked as an environmental lawyer in the community sector for 8 years, helping communities to use the law to protect the environment and was named 2010 Australian Young Environmental Lawyer of the Year by the Law Council of Australia.

She has been a strong voice for equality for women and against domestic violence. Larissa established a Senate inquiry on domestic violence, which contributed to successful campaign to overturn some of the Liberal Government’s worst funding cuts to frontline domestic violence services.”

Recent news:

Larissa Waters appeared on ABC’s Q&A on the 15th of April along with Senators James McGrath (LNP) and Malcolm Roberts (PHON) and Labor MP for Griffith Terri Butler. There were numerous spats between Ms Waters and Mr McGrath. Watch the full episode here.

The Guardian reported the next day a summary of some big moments.

“The Liberal National party is a party for all Queenslanders regardless of where you come from and how long you’ve been here,” McGrath insisted.

“As long as you share our values – and one of our values is its inclusivity, and we’re colour blind when it comes to the colour of your own skin … And I’m sure the Greens and I hope Labor would agree with that.”

“I’m not sure Peter Dutton would,” Waters retorted.

“I beg your pardon. Are you serious?” McGrath said.

When Waters pointed to Dutton’s immigration detention policies to justify the racist claim, McGrath exploded in rage,” Lisa Martin reported.

United Australia Party

Clive Palmer


Recent News:

Clive Palmer’s long advertising campaign is reportedly going to cost $50 million. The ABC reported on the 29th of April that one of United Australia’s senate candidate’s claims it could be even more.

“Mr Palmer’s private businesses have been under intense scrutiny since the closure of the [Queensland] Nickel refinery.

He is currently involved in a legal battle with the Federal Government over money owed to former refinery workers.

Mr Palmer has said he paid $7 million into a workers’ trust fund to help cover the unpaid wages,” Peter McCutcheon reported.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

Malcolm Roberts


“Malcolm is a family man and has a background in engineering, mining, business leadership and has a keen interest in economics; he is also passionate about climate change data and facts.

Spending the early years of his life in India, Malcolm then moved to the bush in Central QLD and also lived in the Hunter Valley (NSW) and Brisbane before graduating from the University of Queensland with honours as an engineer. He then decided to get practical experience working as a coalface miner—mainly underground—for three years around Australia.”

Recent news:

One Nation was recently caught attempting to secure funding from the US’ National Rifle Association (NRA). On the previously mentioned 15th of April Q&A episode, Mr Roberts was questioned about his party’s position on gun laws. Read more about this here.

Malcolm Roberts is possibly most famous for his denial of climate science. Read this article from August 2016 on this topic, soon after he was elected at the last federal election.

Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party

Fraser Anning


For recent news on Fraser Anning, just do a Google search and you’ll find many results.

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