Milton Dick MP (Australian Labor Party) 


“Milton is a proud patron of many local sporting, community and service clubs. One of his top priorities for Oxley is further improving the education and training opportunities for our kids. 

Milton prides himself on always being there to help people, no matter how big or small the issue may be. Milton is also focused on securing the right infrastructure needed to help the community grow.” 

Russel Bauer (Liberal National Party) 


“I am proud to be the LNP candidate for the seat of Oxley. I grew up on the Darling Downs and I now consider myself an Oxley local and have lived in the area for a number years. 

I’m committed to the Oxley area and I’m just a local bloke trying to make a difference. I’ll be working hard for the electorate of Oxley.” 

Steven Purcell (The Australian Greens)


“As a long-time advocate for action on climate change and human rights, I have lost faith in the Liberal-National Coalition and the ALP to provide leadership. It’s the federal government’s job to represent the people but they are failing.” 

Ian Ferguson (United Australia Party) 


Janet Lindbom (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) 


Scott Moerland (Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party) 


Mike Head (Socialist Equality Party) 


“In recent years, [Mr Head] has conducted political work regularly in the Brisbane area, building the influence of the SEP among workers and young people. 

[Oxley] has official jobless rates of nearly 20 percent, among the highest in the country, and lacks basic services, such as a major pubic hospital.”