Wayne Swan MP (Australian Labor Party) 

Mr. Swan announced early last year that he was retiring at the next election, meaning a different Labor candidate is running for the seat. He stated he could no longer balance work life and family at his age, and that he wanted a young woman to replace him. 

Anika Wells (Australian Labor Party) 


“As a local working mother she knows firsthand the impact of the Liberals’ bungled roll-out of the NBN in her area, sees the impact of the cuts to The Prince Charles Hospital and local health services and is frustrated by the Coalition Governments’ inability to deliver a childcare policy that actually makes things easier for Northside families.” 

Brad Carswell (Liberal National Party) 


News broke on the 14th of May that a Facebook account linked to the United Australia Party paid for an ad for Brad Cardswell’s campaign.

The ad has been removed.

“I want to be the voice for older people who face the prospect of Bill Shorten attacking their retirement incomes. I want to be the voice for renters, who will face significant increases in housing costs if Labor is allowed to destroy the negative gearing that supports investment. I want to be the voice of families who are finally seeing power prices easing and can’t afford for them to go up again under ‘Electricity Bill’.” 

John Meyer (The Australian Greens) 


Here’s Mr Meyer’s response to a request for comment: 

In my lifetime I’ve seen the absolute failure of rampant, unfettered capitalism and trickle-down economics that’s led to stagnating wages, record corporate profits and CEO salaries, homelessness and poverty. Meanwhile we’ve seen declining public services, outsourcing and privatisation, and the selling out of our politics to big corporate donors.  

The Greens have the evidence-based, community-driven policies that can guide our society along a better path. This election we’re focused on things like free Uni and TAFE, putting dental into Medicare, raising Newstart and free childcare…and taking real action on climate change and kicking off a jobs-rich renewables boom that will supercharge our economy.” 

David McClaer (United Australia Party) 


Tracey Bell-Henselin (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) 


Don Coles (Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party)  


Mike Crook (Socialist Alliance) 


Here’s Mr Crook’s response to a request for comment: 

“Our policies are based on creating a more inclusive, egalitarian society and we have 5 basic principles to achieve this. 

Solidarity and collaboration, Environmental sustainability and eco-socialism, Participatory democracy, a social and democratic economy, and, equality. 

Sadly, capitalism has failed to meet the challenges of climate change and, indeed the hunger for profits has led us to this point where fossil fuel production, deforestation and chemical based farming practices are destroying the world we share.” 

Lilley panel event

All candidates were present at the event, except the candidates from Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

A live stream of the event is available. Part 1 here, part 2 here.

Man kicked out after intimidating and harassing Greens Candidate’s partner

At the end of the night, the woman recording the live stream (Greens candidate John Meyer’s parter) interrupted Liberal National Party candidate Brad Carswell’s statement when he mentioned that he could never trust the Greens.

“I could never take the Greens seriously…in the Northern Territory there was a sexist and a racist and calls his own people a coconut. I will never ever stand by and take them seriously,” Mr Carswell said.

“Keep it about you mate, seriously,” the woman filming yelled.

After some back-and-forth between Mr Carswell and the crowd, a man walked to the front row and sat next to the woman.

He said “Hi sweetie,” before she stood up and drew attention to his behaviour to the audience.

He was then guided to the exit, but instead followed the woman to the back of the room and continued to intimidate her. After a group surrounded the man, he left.

The man is believed to be an LNP volunteer and was reported to the LNP.

Negative gearing and aged care

After introductions, the first question was about negative gearing and whether it will affect rental prices. Mr Carswell’s response included a comment that some of the audience took issue with, as can be heard in the live recording.

“You don’t buy houses for rental return on the property, you buy them for 20-30 years down the track so you can be a self funded retiree and not be a burden on the taxpayers in Australia,” Mr Carswell said.

Later in the evening, when the issue of aged care was raised, Greens candidate John Meyer addressed this comment from Mr Carswell.

“I want to really take issue with something Brad said before. The elderly are not a burden. Someone on the pension is not a burden. If you can’t self fund your retirement, it doesn’t matter,” Mr Meyer said.

Mr Meyer’s statement was met with applause from the crowd. Mr Carswell did not respond.

Towards the end of the event, our editor present, Liam Blair, asked Mr Carswell if he would like to retract his statement or make a correction, as it was clear he did not have the support of the audience on this issue.

“I never said that pensioners were a burden on society at all. You misheard that or you’re playing mischief here tonight,” Mr Carswell said.