Here is where you can find individual articles from issue one of Glass, “Dawn”. If you want to read the magazine in full, accompanied by graphics and student artwork, click on the cover to the right.

Pg 5- 5am- Terri Cassels

Pg 5- From Now On- Jonathan O’Brien

Pg 6- Cat’s in the Bag- Anahita Ebrahimi

Pg 6- Love- By Juno “Junko” Toraiwa

Pg 9- The Duality of Dawn- Persis Lok

Pg 11- The Maze- Jennifer Haig

Pg 14- Martyr of Mice- Nicholas Farrell

Pg 15- School of Fish- Delila Bevan Zavadsky

Pg 16/17- Before Gate H- Ellie Taggart

Pg 18/19- Under the Moonlight- Ty Weinert

Pg 20- Greg or Ian?- Vinnie Batten

Pg 21- Politics Catchup- Liam Blair

Pg 24/25- No Disability Representation at QUT Guild- Liam Blair

Pg 26- Tampon Tantrum- Nikita Oliver/Alana Riley

Pg 27- Course Changed?- Max Fox

Pg 28- Taking Care of Yourself-  Dr John Barletta

Pg 31- How to Start Running- Georgia Robertson

Pg 32/33- An (Un)Comprehensive History of QUT Student Publications- Lucy Czerwinski

Pg 34/35- Why We Should Leave Plastic in 2018- Alana Riley

Pg 36/37- Slow Fashion: An Alternative That Might Just Save The Planet (And Our Wallets) 

Pg 38/39- Strike for Climate Change- Declan Kerr

Pg 40/41- Shut Up and Listen!- Liam Clarkson

Pg 42- Humble- Lewis Holmes

Pg 43- The Favourite- Luka Katic

Pg 44/45- Where to Eat at Uni- James Edgerton/Liam Blair

Pg 46/47- Anecdotes- Anonymous

Pg 47- Lost High School Student on GP Campus Already Racks Up $3000 in HECS Fees- Matthew Latter

Pg 47- Overheard on Campus

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