Who are the major parties?

Each of these parties have a candidate in all 11 of the electorates covered by Glass.

Liberal National Coalition (LNP)


The Liberal-National Coalition currently holds Government. Their leader is our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. They’re an alliance of two separate parties federally, The Liberals and The Nationals, but in Queensland they’re just one party, known as the Liberal National Party.

Here’s a little info from the “What we believe” section of their website:

The LNP supports a constitutional democracy and governments that are responsible to the people, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and fostering a society that offers opportunity to all.

Australian Labor Party (ALP)


Labor are currently the opposition party, with Bill Shorten as opposition leader. Here’s some info from their website:

The Australian Labor Party is Australia’s oldest political party. Our history is intertwined with the history of Australia’s democracy and labour movement.

The Australian Greens


The Greens are a much smaller party than the Coalition or Labor, led by Richard Di Natale. Here’s some info from their website:

The Australian Greens are a political party based on four key principles: ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice and peace and non-violence.

United Australia Party


United Australia is currently led by Clive Palmer, though it has a long history. Here’s some info from their Facebook page:

“In 2013 the United Australia Party was re-launched by party leader Professor Clive Frederick Palmer, a renowned Australian National Living Treasure & Philanthropist.”

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation


One Nation is another small party, led by Pauline Hanson. Here’s some info from their website:

Hanson was initially endorsed as a Liberal candidate for the Queensland federal seat of Oxley but was disendorsed 16 days out from the election due to her politically incorrect comments relating to Aboriginals.

Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party (CNP)


Fraser Anning started his party in early April after a stint in both One Nation and Katter’s Australian Party. Here’s the first point on a list of values on the CNP website:

i) the vision of Sir Henry Parkes of Australia as an English speaking, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth, as originally described in 1901 when Australia as a nation was founded.”