How to get informed

If you’re here, you want to know something about the upcoming federal election. This section of Glass Online is for everyone, no matter how much you know about politics.

Find below different kinds of information for different levels of political knowledge, starting right at the basics. This is perfect for those who have never voted before and are eager to learn more, but don’t know how.

At our request, some candidates have provided messages special for students. Any other quotes were retrieved from the candidate’s or party’s website.

Dive in and get informed.

Who’s running in my electorate?

Discover the candidates running in your electorate here.

Who’s running for the senate in Queensland?

Learn about the senators and minor parties running in this election here.

How do I vote?

Find information on the Government and preferential voting here.

Who are the major parties?

Find out more about the major parties here.

How do I choose who to vote for?

Find some resources to help you see which parties and candidates you align with here.