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Trevor Evans MP (Liberal National Party)


“Coming from a small business family, and as the former chief of the National Retail Association, I have a strong track record of fighting for jobs, innovation and the economy. I have also worked as an economist in the energy and utilities sectors, as well as in consumer protection and competition policy at the ACCC, which have provided me with the experience and knowledge to effectively engage in and develop good policy making.” 

Mr Evans recently posted a campaign video to his Facebook that included an endorsement from ex-QUT Guild President Isobella Powell. This was criticised by the current President Vinnie Batten. 

Paul Newbury (Australian Labor Party) 


“After a successful career in senior roles within the electricity industry, Paul completed his PhD in the transition to renewable energy at the University of Queensland. 

As a father of four Paul is worried about the LNP’s cuts to local schools and hospitals. The LNP are failing to deliver any real action on climate change. As a renewable energy specialist, Paul knows only Labor will deliver 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.” 

Andrew Bartlett (The Australian Greens) 


Here’s Mr Bartlett’s response to a request for comment: 

“Politics is failing us – badly. That’s why we need to better than switching between the Liberal and Labor parties. It’s now thirty years since the first Parliamentary Inquiry into climate change determined the threat was real and concrete actions were needed to address it. Wages are stagnant and job security is lower than ever. An entire generation is being locked out of the housing market and higher education is burdening students with huge debts. 

We can win. Free TAFE and uni. Raise Newstart and Youth Allowance immediately. Close Manus and Nauru. Ban Corporate Donations. Vote Greens.” 

Aaron Whittaker (United Australia Party) 


Here’s Mr Whittaker’s response to a request for comment:

“The United Australia Party will provide free Australian University education for all. We will also look to ensure Australia students are prioritised above others regarding University placings. We will raise NewStart/Youth Allowance twice per year. We will deliver new green, clean cheaper, non-coal, zero carbon electricity within 1 year. We have a plan for REAL jobs and plans to reduce cost of living pressures. We will make Australian businesses competitive globally. The country is looking for another option. For too long we have had career politicians on both sides without any professional experience outside of politics. With the chaos in Canberra of the past 12 years Australians have lost hope.

The time is now to Unite Australia, not divide Australia.”

Anne Perry (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) 


Rod Jeanneret (Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party)  


Kamala Emanuel (Socialist Alliance) 


“We really are at an important time in world history as well as in Australian politics. The recent IPCC report indicated we have twelve years to turn the economy around in order to give us a chance to prevent catastrophic climate change. Big corporations stand in the way of this change so we need to put our efforts into building the forces that can make a political revolution against this billionaire class.

Colonial occupation of this country has given us genocide and an economy that does not benefit ordinary people. We’ve got an Australia that imprisons refugees, that is part of a global system of inequality and war, where workers’ rights are curtailed and where students are made to pay unfair fees.”