Andrew Laming MP (Liberal National Party)


Mr Laming has had a few online spats with popular Facebook meme page The Simpsons against the Liberals, now with over 100,000 likes. In late 2016, Mr Laming participated in various back-and-forth debates with users in the comments section of a meme making fun of him. 

Almost two years later in November, 2018, Mr Laming tried again to win over young memers, commenting on a post that made fun of his re-brand to “Lammo.” 

Tom Baster (Australian Labor Party) 


“Dr Baster’s experience in health means he understands how the LNP’s cuts and chaos will hurt our community. Andrew Laming and Scott Morrison have tried time and again to hand billions to the banks, while cutting from local hospitals and schools. Locals are sick of this coalition of cuts and chaos, who are only focused on themselves.” 

Emerald Moon (The Australian Greens) 


Here’s Ms Moon’s response to a request for comment: 

Dear QUT students,

Last year I graduated from uni. This year, I’m running for the Greens in Bowman. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably pretty disappointed with politics. We’ve grown up with so much instability, broken promises and three word slogans – it’s no wonder we’re disillusioned. If we want to create a positive future for all of us, we need to ditch the major parties.

Our generation is facing huge challenges, like insecure work, rising costs of living, a lack of affordable housing and dangerous climate change.

By voting Greens into Parliament, we can create 180,000 new jobs in a transition towards 100% renewable energy, bring back free uni and TAFE, raise Newstart and Youth Allowance, build 500,000 sustainable and affordable community homes, cover dental under Medicare, create publicly owned banking and electricity services, and ban the corporate donations that corrupt our democracy. And we can send a strong message to the major parties that what they’re giving us is simply not good enough.

And anyway… isn’t it about time we got more young people in Parliament?

Yours in hope,
Emerald Moon.”

Ms Moon and The Greens have staunchly opposed the proposed Toondah Harbour development at the southern end of Moreton Bay. The proposal included 3600 apartments and an updated port facility. 

Laura Gartry at the ABC reported last September that “approximately half-a-million cubic metres of seabed and wetland would be dredged to make way for the mixed-use residential, commercial, retail and tourism precinct.” 

Ms Gartry also reported that local groups support a port upgrade, without the large development. 

Shane Clarke (United Australia Party) 


Glen Wadsworth (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation) 


David Anderson (Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party) 

Bowman panel event

The candidates in Bowman participated in a debate (linked above) and were contacted for further comment. Find these below

Emerald Moon (The Australian Greens)

“At the recent Bowman candidates’ debate, it became even clearer to me how out of touch the current Liberal MP is.

Ignoring recent lives saved at Groovin the Moo in Canberra and growing rates of cannabis use despite criminalisation, Laming refused to acknowledge that it’s time to end the failed war on drugs, legalise cannabis and implement pill testing.

He then used the phrase ‘fake news’ to dismiss expert advice that the Toondah Harbour development would irreparably damage internationally protected wetlands and multiple threatened species.

He said it was offensive to link donations to political outcomes, but whether he’s offended by the facts or not is irrelevant. 

The developer donated $225,000 to the Liberals in the same year that a Liberal Minister ignored his own department’s advice and moved the proposal to the next stage of approval.

It’s a clear demonstration of why we need to ban donations to political parties from industries that seek to buy influence, like fossil fuel companies, the gambling industry, and developers.”